Relaunching Painted Kiwi with Colorful, Zany & Ridiculous Goodies that Delight

Hello again. It's been over 10 years since we launched Painted Kiwi the first time. Back then, Painted Kiwi was literally my way of getting all of the colorful products I loved at discounted prices! (Clever, I know.) I was already a pretty successful e-commerce business owner but was selling items that were popular with automotive enthusiasts. My husband was one of those and we found an opportunity in a niche market and filled it! I love entrepreneurship and e-commerce and it was exciting to launch a website and built it into a successful business. But occasionally I had this feeling. It went something like this.... "Waaaaaa..... I want to be offering to the world products that I love. I want to turn friends, family and strangers across the internet onto cool, colorful products that I had discovered and enjoyed. Car parts wasn't it. So I launched Version 1.0. This was the logo.

Pretty darn colorful, huh? At the time, was a website focused on colorful, fun products primarily for women. I kept it going and growing for about 2.5 years, but then became so busy with the automotive site that I just couldn't do both. Now it's a decade later and you know what? I regret closing that shop. They say never to regret things done, only things left undone. I'm not sure who "they" actually are, but you know, "they" might be right. So, darn it, here it is, 2.0. I don't want to leave it undone. It's back. Let's see what I can do this time around!