ROYGBIV, Rainbows & a Little Girl Dreaming in Color

I love rainbows. ROYGBIV rocks. I have a giant scrapbook that I created from the age of about 8 to the age of 13 that includes 100s of photos, drawings, paintings, poems, articles and cards of rainbows. I still have that rainbow scrapbook and maybe someday it will be worth lots of money? Or, my kids will end up throwing it out after I die. (That's the more likely scenario. Hopefully they will at least say, "Oh, how cute. Mom must have been adorable when she was a little girl." before tossing it into the dumpster.

My dad was a college physics professor when I was growing up. He taught us kids about chemical reactions, about sound waves and about rainbows. How the sunlight shined through the water droplets in the atmosphere, and how the white light of the sun is actually made up of a spectrum of color. The raindrops reflect and refract the light and break it apart into all of its colors. And a rainbow is made! It is magical. 

And Rainbows are always the same colors in the same order. You can remember the order by remembering the acronym ROYGBIV where the letters stand for the colors Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. I once won at trivia night by being able to answer the question, "Who is Roy G Biv?" Not another person knew who the heck the DJ was talking about. But I did. 

I still love rainbows. The colors. The magic. The scarcity of them (at least where I live.) You'll find a variety of rainbow inspired gifts here at Because, well, rainbows. Thanks, Dad, for turning me on to one of nature's most amazing wonders. 

ROYGBIV rainbow at Painted Kiwi